Become our team coordinator!

I am Torsten

This is a fantastic job, but we are looking for someone who is prepared to go all in. You will be away from home a lot. Further requirements:

  • Able to work with tight deadlines and under high pressure
  • High standard in your work and attention to detail
  • You´re organized and keep an overview at all times.
  • Excellent communication skills and very proactive
  • Experience in professional motorsport is a big +
  • Experience in Porsche Carrera cups or other GT racing is a big +
  • Feel that drive to fight for a championship with your team.
  • Dutch and English written and spoken fluently is a must. German is a plus.

    We receive a lot of applications for this job opening. We apologize if you have to wait a little longer than normal on a response, this can take up to one week. You’re still very welcome to apply since we haven’t selected anyone yet. 

About GP Elite

The driver’s dreams and goals are central at all times. With a passionate team, we work hard to realize the most beautiful car (sports) events in and outside the Netherlands. Working at GP Elite means that you become part of a close and hard working team. We are creative and always look for solutions and possibilities. 

Reageer op deze vacature

We’re looking for a Team Coordinator for our raceteam!

We are currently looking for a team coordinator for our racing team in Porsche Carrera Cup Germany and Porsche Mobil1 Supercup. We are active in various competitions. We have multiple years of experience and became champions in the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup and the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany.

In this position you will fulfill a key role in our teams planning and logistics, but also maintain contact with Porsche race organizers, our drivers, sponsors and marketing department. This role is a key position to keep the team running smooth and to bring energy into this group. Your main goal is to facilitate everyone in the team so they can focus on the thing they do best. This of course being working on our cars or driving the cars. The full focus of everyone should be on one goal.. to become champion! The work you do will take place on the track as well as in our own workshop.


  • Good salary and all travel expenses covered
  • Possibilities for housing if you live far away
  • Well-equipped and modern workshop
  • Fantastic atmosphere and team spirit
  • Opportunities to develop yourself

Torsten van Haasteren – Team manager

What are your plans for this season?

We will be competing in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup and the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland again. We will drive the 24 Hours of Dubai in the beginning of this season, as well as the Porsche Sprint Challenge Southern Europe. Plus we will also race in the Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux, and the Sprint Challenge Benelux, as well as some Porsche Sport Cups in Germany. It’s going to be a pretty busy year again!

What is your strategy?

Never stop innovating. Everyone in our team is getting better every day, so we will try to improve on last year. We have never been so motivated to prove ourselves in every race. Our motorsport family is growing closer season after season, and we are all highly motivated and on the hunt for podium finishes this year!